Get Involved

We need you!
Your child needs you!

The great thing about volunteering with the Band Boosters is that there are jobs available for any time schedule.

Some positions allow you to come to the competitions and practices and be very involved with the students, while others can be done “behind the scenes” and after hours. There are many fellow Boosters available to help out as well.  Try several positions…you never know what’s going to “click” for you!

How can you help?

  • Booster Board Member
  • Prop & Set Construction
  • Repairs of equipment
  • Sewing, crafting
  • Uniform fitting, repairs
  • Assist with securing sponsors & donations
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Pit Crew at competitions
  • Kid Feed at performances
  • Driving equipment or trailor to competitions
  • Chaperone events
  • Event Planning
  • Photography/Videography

Valley View Band Boosters

Benefits of joining Boosters

  • To spend time with your child.
  • To keep “in the know” as to what’s going on in our program.
  • To be involved in activities that enrich the band program.
  • To share music with students that you may not have otherwise been able to experience.
  • To help ensure that fine arts programs like band are not taken from school curriculum.
  • To be a part of decisions that direct the future success of the band.
  • To be a part of a program that you and your student can be proud of.
  • To work hard and sweat during competition season (saves on gym membership!).
  • Because band is fun – for students and adult volunteers!

The Valley View Band Boosters is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.